Artist statement

Fusing imagery, connecting flashing lights result in the formation of a five series video installation. Through the creation of the videos, a sequence of dissimilar events is presented in a faded state, as to allow the viewer to formulate different imagery and identify with the work in a dissimilar manner. The moving image produces a generic perplexity between what is and what is seen, as the images fade and overlap.

As the videos progress a connection is created by the combination of sound and recognition of imagery. A sense of closeness, intimacy, insecurity and familiarity forms. The installation’s generality is uncovered although a notion of question as to what will follow exists throughout. The sound is a representation of emotions, trying to unbind one’s self from captivating sentiment and release entrapped thoughts and feelings.  ‘You’, the video installation can be translated into any one person, thus the name.

The general analysis and observation of the body, as the main medium used throughout the process of making work, formulates the main idea surrounding the artwork. Photographic material is directly developed through the video installation, as ‘You’ is the beginning and foundation of the photographs. Playfulness is exposed, as the imagery is both active and inactive as a surrounding curiosity circulates the artwork.

The photographic material, ‘Close’ is presented in a different surrounding environment as to bounce of the moving viewers; unlike the video installation which is secluded in a private room as to isolate the viewers response and create a feeling of solitude. ‘Close’ as an artwork name was chosen in a literal manner as to represent the direct interaction between the viewer and the artwork.

An imperial notion involving the process of making is of great importance; through Agnes Martin’s and Robert Ryman’s work the course of action underlines the strategic moves taken to formulate a final art piece. Louise Bourgeois’ work assists in a curatorial manner as the work is not precisely placed but an evident thought process is marked.

Research involving general themes and ideas assist the work created in a general mode, as all information gathered may promote the development of a final piece. Experimentation, research, trial all enhance the process of making and aid the way to both ‘You’ and ‘Close’.  Moving imagery and photographic material may both be part of an emotional and sentimental experience.

Nefeli Christodoulou


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